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Taco Bell: Nacho Fries Box Review

Taco Bell Nacho Fries contains 320 calories, 18 grams of fat and 35 grams of carbohydrates.

According to our website visitors, Nacho Fries is not a healthy and nutritious option from Taco Bell, with only 17% of voters finding it to be healthy.

Let us know what you think! Review the nutrition facts below and then on whether you think Nacho Fries is healthy or not.

Keep reading to see the full nutrition facts and Weight Watchers points for Nacho Fries from Taco Bell.

How Do The The Steak White Hot Ranch Nacho Fries Taste

Were not going to lie: These fries were excellent and supremely craveable. The one knock on the batch we tested was that the fries themselves didnt seem fresh and were a little bit soft, but with so much moisture happening from the sauces that didnt really matter at all. Everything smooshed together into a soggy, delicious mess.

We were kind of afraid of the steak, as industrially-processed steak is often bad and sad, but the steak slices in the Steak White Hot Ranch Nacho Fries were tasty, tender, and very well-seasoned. Every component in the dish was well-seasoned, in fact. Taco Bell is not shy about adding salt and other spices to its food, which is one of its great strengths as a fast food operation.

The White Hot Ranch contributed a little bit of buttermilk tang and a decent amount of spice to the proceedings. We usually douse everything we eat from Taco Bell in the spicy Diablo Sauce, but that wasnt necessary with these fries. The tomatoes seemed like an afterthought, but they did have a hint of freshness and acidity that complemented all the rich, creamy components. We would order the Steak White Hot Ranch Nacho Fries again in a heartbeat.

We Tried Taco Bell’s New Loaded Truff Nacho Fries Here’s How It Went

Taco Bell teased an exciting announcement last week on its social channels, and on October 13th, we received the confirmation we were looking for: Nacho Fries are back. While fry lovers rejoice, the American fast-food chain partnered with Truff hot sauce. Truff also that a collaboration between the two powerhouses might be near. For a limited time, you can try Taco Bell’s New Loaded Truff Nacho Fries.

After a successful test last year, Taco Bell and Truff are bringing their spicy collab to the masses. The brands have created an exclusive take on Truff’s Hotter Hot Sauce available only at Taco Bell. For a limited time, you can add the black truffle-infused hot sauce to any menu item for just $1.

Truff’s making your favorite loaded Nacho Fries that much hotter this month. Can you handle the heat? We tried Taco Bell’s New Loaded Truff Nacho Fries. Here’s how it went.

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TacoBells Spicy Potato Soft Taco is a vegetarian-friendly option that only costs $1 and comes filled with crispy potato bites, shredded lettuce, chipotle sauce, and shredded cheddar cheese. Its not a bad start to a filling lunch, especially if you order two of them.

Bean Burrito. Slow-cooked refried beans paired with melted cheddar cheese and chili sauce, all wrapped up in a warm, soft flour tortilla. $1.86+. Beef Burrito. Perfectly seasoned ground beef, paired with melted cheddar cheese and chili sauce, all wrapped up in a warm, soft flour tortilla. $3.59+. Bueno Burrito. Check out the TACOBELL Sri Lanka Food Menu. Check out the TACOBELL Sri Lanka Food Menu. Toggle navigation Submit. Main Sections. PROMOTIONS. Deals. Property. Jobs. Classifieds. EVENTS. FOOD Menu. STORES. Directory. Note: Prices and participation may vary. Plus applicable taxes. See store for details. Last update : 31/05/2018. Share now.

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Are They Healthy 2/5

Taco Bell 5 Nacho Fries Box Nutrition Information

Far from, but Id be surprised to find a healthy fry from a drive-through window or otherwise. The standard fries come with 18g of fat The supreme version bulks it up to 24g of fat And, of course, the Bell grande doubles that to 48g of fat

The fries themselves arent that much, all considering. But when you look at the minuscule portion sizes it does put it into perspective. But, again, considering their origins? Theyre not the least healthy thing you can order.

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Taco Bell Nacho Fries

Skip the drive thru and make your own Taco Bell Nacho Fries at home in less than half an hour. Crispy seasoned fries and a homemade nacho cheese sauce!

I know I wasnt the only one excited to see the return of the Taco Bell Nacho Fries to the menu. But sometimes, I just dont feel like leaving the house to satisfy those cravings.

And now, with this super easy Taco Bell Nacho Fries Recipe I dont have to, and neither do you! This recipe is super simple with minimal steps that you will be making these all the time!

Im all about making my own restaurant favorites at home when I can. These can literally go with any of your favorite meals, or just eat them by themselves as an appetizer or side, they are that cravable.

Both the fries and sauce are very close to the original- dare I say, better? Plus you get such a small portion when you go get these from the restaurant, with this recipe you get a ton with my Taco Bell Nacho Fries!

If you are a fan of Taco Bell but want to save a little money and gas/time, then this is the one recipe that you absolutely must make at home.

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Review: Are Taco Bells Nacho Fries Worth It

Taco Bell Nacho Fries Review$1

Product Name: Taco Bell Nacho Fries Review

Offer price: $1

Not to brag, but Im a self-certified fry and nacho snob so, naturally, everything about the nacho fries beckoned me to judge them. Including the sometimes grandiose claims from fans and Taco Bell.

If you dont know, these fries are doused in Mexican seasoning and come with a side of nacho cheese. Unless you get them upgraded to Nacho Fries Supreme, which comes with melted cheese, seasoned ground beef, tomatoes, and sour cream. Theres also the Bell Grande, which doubles your portion size for $5. And, if you want to be fancy about it, you can opt for guac at an additional cost.

But, more to-the-point, why should you care what they are?

Reason one: these fries are the most successful product launched from Taco Bell ever which means these fries did better than their tacos.

Reason two: considering Taco Bell has been around since the 60s and is known for tacos thats a pretty big deal.

Reason three: the internet damn near rioted when they got taken away.

Reason four: the level of buzz surrounding these french fries from Taco Bell was explosive.

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Taste And Texture 3/5

While Taco Bells press release claims their fries are crisped to perfection, I was left wondering whose version of perfection these fries were crisped to. If youre into the whole slightly crispy outside, totally smooshed tato on the inside thing, youll probably like these more than I did. But, on that note, they didnt turn to total mush under the toppings, so I guess you have to take a hit somewhere to accomplish that.

And the texture of the cheese was something youd likely expect from Taco Bell. Once slightly cooled, it left a thick skin that the fries were unable to penetrate. Worse still, when warm, the cheese slid right off the fries.

As far as taste goes, these are a Mexican miss. There werent any hints of cumin and they werent spicy like at all despite the inclusion of cayenne pepper. The flavoring was bland at best. Certainly not Mexican, and even Mexican-inspired might be a stretch. Thats not to say they tasted bad, but they didnt have much flavor other than an undiscernible hodgepodge of flavor and tato.

Why Did Taco Bell Get Rid Of Nacho Fries


Some say that Taco Bell got rid of Nacho Fries because they were not selling well, while others say that the fast food chain did away with the popular menu item because it was too expensive to produce. Whatever the reason, fans of Nacho Fries were disappointed when the dish was removed from Taco Bells menu.

On March 10, Taco Bell will once again serve its popular Nacho Fries. Alexander Chernev, an assistant professor at Northwestern Universitys Kellogg School of Management, believes that these are a marketing ploy. According to him, limited time dishes can increase the enjoyment of the entire meal. There are several toppings available on the international versions of Taco Bells Nacho Fries. In the United States, the cheese fries are simply seasoned cheese fries topped with nacho cheese sauce. McDonalds also features a fake trailer for movies in its announcements. In honor of National Nacho Fry Day, Taco Bell is asking fans to give us their ideas for the next advertisement.

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Review: Taco Bell Steak White Hot Ranch Fries

Taco Bells latest offering features Nacho Fries topped with steak, nacho cheese sauce, tomatoes, reduced-fat sour cream, shredded cheddar cheese, and the new White Hot Ranch Sauce.

Yes, that combination of ingredients, minus the White Hot Ranch, seems familiar. Im probably going to have to look through our entire review archive to find out what it is. Give me an hour or so.

Oh, they were in last months Steak Nacho Fries Burrito. So this new menu item, which is also available in burrito form, is basically last months menu item, except the chipotle sauce is swapped for the White Hot Ranch Sauce. I expect this reusing of ingredient combos from Taco Bell, but not with back-to-back products.

Since I imagine many of you have an idea of how most of this menu item tastes, lets focus on the White Hot Ranch Sauce. The best way I can describe it is to say its flavor and heat remind me of Flamin Hot Cool Ranch Doritos, but Im not saying they taste alike. With the chips, they were basically spicy Cool Ranch Doritos where the Flamin Hots flavors didnt come into play. And with this sauce, its pretty much a spicy ranch. It has a noticeable tanginess with some heat, but theres no flavor from that kick. With that said, its a tasty addition to the vast Taco Bell sauce lineup, and I enjoyed it enough that I found myself trying to scrape up as much as I could from the bottom of the container.

No and no. Taco Bell now has two spicy ranch sauces available.

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Tips For Making And Serving Taco Bell Nacho Fries

  • Add a few toppings. Plain nachos are good, but loaded nachos are great. Dress those fries up with sliced jalapenos, diced onions, a dollop of sour cream, and a side of guacamole.
  • Toast those spices. Heat a dry skillet over medium-high heat. Pour in the spice mixture and stir slowly with a wooden spatula until you can smell them. Put the spices directly into a spice grinder and grind them into the consistency of talcum powder.
  • Tossing hot fries with the fry seasoning. Toss one portion of hot fries in a large metal bowl with a tablespoon of the fry seasoning mixture. Grab the fries and give them a good shake over the bowl to remove excess seasoning before serving.

Taco Bell Nutrition Information

Taco Bell Nacho Fries

Contact restaurant for prices, hours & participation, which vary. Tax extra. 2,000 calories a day used for general nutrition advice, but calorie needs vary. Additional nutrition information available upon request. WARNING : Certain foods and beverages sold or served here can expose you to chemicals including acrylamide in many fried or

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Flip through the menu pictures with the price list for Taco Bell . Jump To Menu 3.6. Taco Bell menu was founded on March 21, 1962 in Downey, California by a man named Glen Bell. Due to serving different foods than burgers and fries, they have gone through.

Taco Bell is adding a new menu item that fans might not associate with the December 22, 2021 Taco Bell secret menu, breakfast menu, catering menu, lunch menu for soup, salad, chicken, burger price Partners: 6 Ways To.

How To Make Nacho Fries:

  • Grease a baking sheet lightly, add your fries and season. Spread in a thin layer with lots of space so they get crispy!
  • Bake until fries are crispy, while you are cooking your ground beef .
  • Top your fries with beef, cheese, and your favorite toppings, and pop it in the oven to melt the cheese.
  • Top with your fresh toppings: green onions, jalapenos, add some sour cream and salsa and youre good to go!
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    What $5 Boxes Are At Taco Bell Right Now

    Taco Bell Debuts Customizable $5 Cravings Boxes With 18 Meal Combinations

    • Specialties: a signature item like the Chalupa Supreme, Cheesy Gordita Crunch, Crunchwrap, Black Bean Chalupa Supreme, or Black Bean Crunchwrap Supreme.
    • Starters: a Crunchy Taco, Beefy 5-Layer Burrito, or Bean and Cheese Burrito.

    Are They Worth It 5/5

    Making Taco Bell Nacho Fries at Home | But Better

    These fries are $1, so its hard to find a reason they wouldnt be worth a try. They were a miss for me but, again, nacho and fry snob but it caused near mass panic when they came back in 2019. So much noise was generated over these fries that Taco Bell announced via Twitter, Weve heard our fans loud and clear theyve made waves across social media, demanding that we bring back our famous fries.

    So my one eh opinion on these seems to be lost in the noise of raving fans.

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    Taco Bell Nacho Fries Back On The Menu In January 2019

    Taco Bells Nacho Fries are coming back to the menu on January 21, 2019 for a limited-time only.

    The chains popular Nacho Fries recipe features lightly battered fries dusted with bold Mexican seasoning and served with a cup of warm nacho cheese sauce. And they only contain 260 calories per serving, or 400 if you add the nacho cheese dip.

    Individual prices can and probably will vary by location, but we are sure theyll cost somewhere around $1.29.

    Last year, Nacho Fries were available in 4 presentations: Nacho Fries Box, Nacho Fries Bellgrande, Nacho Fries Supreme, and Nacho Fries.

    The Nacho Fries Box includes lightly battered french fries, a 5-layer burrito, a Doritos Locos Taco, and a drink. The Nacho Fries Box will be available at a suggested price of 5 bucks.

    Nacho Fries Bellgrande feature seasoned fries topped with melted nacho cheese sauce, seasoned beef, tomatoes, and reduced-fat sour cream.

    And the Nacho Fries Supreme option also features seasoned fries topped with nacho cheese sauce, ripe tomatoes, and reduced-fat sour cream.

    Although Bellgrande and Supreme Nacho Fries were basically the same thing, the former option was bigger, and it was available at a suggested price of $3.49. While the Supreme version only cost $2.49.

    Nacho Fries will be available on the Taco Bell menu at participating locations nationwide starting January 24, 2019.

    Where Are They Available And For How Long

    Taco Bells original Nacho Fries are notoriously elusive, appearing for a limited time on several occasions since their initial release in 2018 but never becoming a permanent part of the Taco Bell menu. According to Nations Restaurant News, the Steak White Hot Nacho Fries are also a limited-time-only item.

    The chain started testing the Steak White Hot Ranch Nacho Fries in 2021, but the item didnt become available to Taco Bell fans outside of the Chicago area until . Now you can buy them at Taco Bells across the country, though its not clear how long theyll be on the menu, so if you want to get some you should act quickly. Prices may vary regionally, but we paid $3.49 for our order. If you want something you can eat without using a fork, you can also order a burrito version of this menu item, which is basically just the fries and all the toppings rolled into a tortilla.

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    We Tried Taco Bells Steak White Hot Ranch Nacho Fries Heres How It Went

    Taco Bells Nacho Fries are a bit of a cult fast food item, and its exciting whenever they reappear on the chains menu. Its even more exciting when Taco Bell decides to mix things up and offer versions of the fries with fun toppings. In April 2022, the chain announced it would start selling a new loaded French fry dish nationwide: the Steak White Hot Ranch Nacho Fries.

    These fries should please heat-lovers and ranch obsessives alike, as theyre made with a spicy ranch sauce. This fully-loaded dish is a great example of Taco Bells more-is-more approach to crafting menu items, with so many toppings it looks like the fries are drowning. We needed to know if this limited-time-only item was the perfect 2 a.m. snack or if it was just a hot mess that was less than the sum of its parts, so we tried it and shared our thoughts with you. Read on to find out if the Steak White Hot Ranch Nacho Fries are worth your hard-earned $3.49.

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