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High Fat Vegan Foods:

High Protein Vegan Meal Plan for LEAN FAT LOSS (low carb)

MCT Oil & Coconut Oil

Colorless, odorless, and neutral in taste, MCT oil can add loads of fuel-filled fats to shakes, smoothies, or a vegan Bulletproof coffee. Just 1 tablespoon of MCT oil contains 14g of plant-based fats, derived from coconut oil!

MCTs are a unique type of saturated fatty acid that can provide quick energy, suppress hunger, and help with ketone productionwhich can make a big difference on a vegan keto diet.

But, coconut oil itself is also naturally rich in MCTs and a great high fat vegan food. You can just as easily add coconut oil to smoothies instead of MCT oil, and its the perfect, fat-rich base for the ultimate vegan keto desserts: fat bombs!


Arguably, one of the most delicious plant-based fat sources , with around 11-15g of fat per half avocadodepending on the size/variety. Plus, 1-2g of sneaky protein!

Also, avocados are an incredible source of fiber, with 5-7g per half avocado and only around 1g net carbs. A staple option that can add nutritious fats to just about any of your vegan keto meals AND keep the net carb count lower!


Both olives and avocados are rich in heart healthy monounsaturated fats , which have some incredible anti-inflammatory properties. In just 4 pitted Kalamata olives , there are around 4.5g of total fator about 1g of fat per olive! Although theyre not a great source of fiber , theyre just as low in carbs so theyve got 0g net carbs overall.

Macadamia Nuts, Pecans, Walnuts & Nut Butters

NOTE on Other Nuts:

Dairy Products And Eggs Are Low In Carbs

Eggs and dairy products, without added sugar, are low in carbs, but high in both protein and fat. For vegetarians , they are perfect for a low-carb diet.

  • Eggs: Contain only trace amounts of carbs. Choose pastured, omega-3-enriched or free-range eggs if you can.
  • Yogurt, Greek yogurt and kefir: Choose unsweetened, full-fat versions. Find ones with live cultures for an additional probiotic benefit.
  • Grass-fed butter: Butter from grass-fed cows is healthy, and fine in moderation on a low-carb diet.
  • Cheese: Highly nutrient-dense and tasty, and can be used in all sorts of recipes.

These foods are also rich in vitamin B12, which is not found in plant foods. Vegetarians can get all the B12 they need from these foods, while vegans need to supplement.

Soy Vs Soy Free Vegan Keto Diet

If youve been eating vegan for a while now, you know that soy is one of the best plant-based protein options, and one of the few thats a complete protein with all 8 essential amino acids. And, it can also be a quality source of dietary fats, which are crucial on a keto diet.

In a 3 oz serving of super-firmtofu, there are around 9g of protein, along with 4g of fat, and only 2g of netcarbs! Plus, there are loads of differentsoy products and different ways that you can prepare them to fit moreprotein and fat into your plant-based diet.

So, if you DO eat soy and want to try a vegan keto diet, thats great! Honestly, tofu and tempeh are some of the best options as far as protein- and fat-rich plant-based foods go. And, including them in your vegan keto meals will make it easier to keep things versatile and prevent yourself from getting bored.

Yet, on top of all the other restrictions, I made this vegan keto meal plan soy free, which means NO tofu, tempeh, edamamenone of it. Why??

Well, mostly because so many of you asked for soy free vegan keto recipes! Which makes sense, considering soy is one of the top food allergens and one of the most common food sensitivities. Plus, despite how great its nutritional profile looks by the numbers, soy comes with its share of potential health concerns.

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A General Guideline For A Low Carb Vegan Meal Plan

  • Include only low carb plant-based food options in your daily meals
  • Opt for specific dietary supplements to fulfill the daily nutritional requirements of your body
  • Keep distance from every kind of processed or packaged food option that comes on board with added calories and preservatives
  • Go for home-cooked food that doesnt include any condiments and harmful chemicals
  • Never skip your go-to liquid during the day as that will help you to stay hydrated all day long
  • Indulge in a light to heavy exercising routine to gain the best benefits out of this diet plan

Level Of Effort: Medium

Low Carb Diabetic Meal Plan: Week of 2

Like many high-protein, low-carb diets, you may really need to change what you’re eating while you’re on this plan.

Limitations: Low-carb diets cut out a lot of foods.

Cooking and shopping: The book has sample menus with more than 100 recipes, and suggestions on how to order in every kind of restaurant.

Packaged foods or meals: None are required.

In-person meetings: No.

Exercise: Yes. The authors suggest resistance training, such as weight lifting, to help burn stored fat.

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Low Carb Vegan Meal Plan Day 7

Meal 1: 9.30am.

Mood: Relaxed yet starving!

Vegan Green Goodness Bowl: chickpea, flax + sesame seed fritters, avocado, pepitas, vegannaise, kale crumb, leafy greens, quinoa soy sourdough toast.

Large long black with dash of hot almond milk.

Snack: 1pm.

1 tablespoon of chia seeds + 100 ml almond milk + a scoop of vegan protein powder.

Meal 2: 3.00pm.

Mood: Chilled.

HUGE salad: Spinach, rocket, asparagus, red onion, red capsicum, tomato, carrot + 1/4 of an avocado. Also cooked veg: a cup of cauli, a brown onion, 1/2 a zucchini, 100gm mushies with 1 heaped tablespoon of vegan basil pesto. Plus balsamic and a couple of good tablespoons of my zucchini hummus.

Snack: 4pm.

1 tablespoon of chia seeds + 100 ml almond milk + a scoop of vegan protein powder.

Meal 3: 8.00pm.

Mood: Ready for Sunday Cheers!

Vegan Curry with Zoodles: eggplant, onions, zucchini, cauliflower, carrot, capsicum coconut milk, curry spices, dried coriander, himalayan salt. Plus 1 tablespoon of hemp seeds, 1 tablespoon of pumpkin seeds, 1/2 teaspoon of Spirilina, 1 teaspoon of Dulse flakes.

Served over 1/2 a zucchini spiralized.

I also had 1/2 a bunch of kale made into crisps with a pinch of salt, a teaspoon of coconut oil and a heaped tablespoon of nutritional yeast.

ALCOHOL: 4 glasses Shiraz + 2 Vodka mineral fresh lime.

Snack: 9pm.

Mood: Tipsy time to get fresh for tomorrow!

250 hot almond milk.

Implementations: Check out, Your Ideal Fat Burning Day Starts The Night Before.

And also

Weekly Planner For Low Carb Vegan Meal Plan

Day 1.

Low carb vegan meal plan Mango orange smoothie

Breakfast- 1 serving of mango orange smoothie with granola

Snack- 1 serving of protein banana smoothie

Lunch- 1 serving of banana nut oatmeal with 2 cups of strawberries

Snack- 1 serving of seedy avocado toast with 1 apple

Dinner- 1 serving of Hazle nut and banana sushi with 1 orange

Day 2.

Low carb vegan meal plan Strawberry protein shake

Breakfast- 1 serving of strawberry protein shake with banana peanut- butter chia pudding

Snack- 1 serving of peanut butter and banana toast

Lunch- 2 servings of brown sugar pecan oatmeal

Snack- 1 serving of peanut butter with banana

Dinner- 1 serving of ginger apple and mint green smoothie

Day 3.

Low carb vegan meal plan Protein avocado shake

Breakfast- 1 serving of grape, orange, and banana smoothie with pecans

Snack- 1 serving of protein avocado shake

Lunch- 2 servings of tofu scramble with roasted broccoli

Snack- 1 serving of seedy avocado toast with almonds

Dinner- 1 serving of chocolate banana oatmeal with 1 orange

Day 4.

Low carb vegan meal plan Pear oatmeal

Breakfast- 1 serving of breakfast fruit smoothie with granola

Snack- 1 serving of vanilla protein shake with almonds

Lunch- 1 serving of pear oatmeal with 1 apple

Snack- 1 serving of mango smoothie with pecans

Dinner- 1 serving of roasted Brussels sprouts

Day 5.

Low carb vegan meal plan Refried beans and avocado

Breakfast- 1 serving of protein oatmeal with blueberries

Lunch- 1 serving of refried beans and avocado

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Low Carb Vegan Buddha Bowl

641 Calories | 13g Net Carbs | 50g Fat | 23g Protein

This low carbvegan buddha bowl features two of the most nutrient-dense and protein-richveggies: broccoli and Brussels sprouts. And, since this vegan keto meal isentirely plant-based, you get to enjoy a nice, heaping serving! I actually love this meal, even as a non-vegan.

Coat those vegetables in a deliciouslysavory coating of tahini, and you can pump up the plant-based protein and fatseven more. Tahini is basically just sesame seedpaste, which can contain as much as 8g of fat and 2-3g of protein PER tablespoon!Its also totally scrumptious with a satisfyingly nutty, umami flavor.

I also like toroast some pumpkin seeds with my veggies to add some crunch to this bowland roastinggives them an extra crave-ablecrunch! But, you can totally stir them in them after the fact with your olives,if preferred.

Serve with some sliced avocado and asprinkle of sesame seeds, and this vegan keto dinner offers you 50g offuel-filled fats, 23g of vegan protein, and only 13g of net carbs! And, tons of veggies that I genuinely ENJOYeating.

Vegan Ketogenic Diet Meal Examples

How to Make a Low-Carb Vegetarian Meal Plan | EatingWell

This keto-friendly vegan dessert will satisfy your sugar cravings. Scratch that youll forget all about sugar after you indulge in one of these.

These are only a small sampling of the keto-friendly vegan recipes that are available on the internet. However, just by sticking with the sauces and suggestions from these eight vegan ketogenic meals, you will be able to create dozens of different delicious meal combinations.

Soon, you will be able to develop your own meal plan. Until then, here is a quick meal plan to help you out.

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Vegan Kebabs With Avocado Dressing

Pile chunks of mushrooms, peaches, courgettes and red onions onto skewers and barbecue them for a wonderful BBQ flavour. Serve with a delicious avocado dressing

  • A star rating of 5 out of 5.2 ratings

    Enjoy these vegan beetroot and quinoa burgers with rocket salad for a healthy yet hearty midweek meal

  • Eat Most Of Your Carbs Around Your Workout

    Studies have shown that carbs, especially complex carbs, can increase performance for endurance athletes. Muscle glycogen can be boosted with pre workout carbohydrate consumption as well. Finally, depletion of carbohydrates has been shown to .

    All this is to say that, you want to time most of your carbs to be eaten before and after your workout to promote performance.

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    Vegan Meal Plan And Grocery List

    Youll find most of the ingredients here at your local grocery store. However, some stores may not have ingredients such as Tempeh, so you may need to head to a healthy food store too.


    • 4 tsp Coconut Sugar or palm sugar
    • 2 tsp agave/apple bee-free honey
    • 1 tsp stevia if your protein powder is quite sweetened you wont need this


    • 13 oz kidney beans, drained and rinsed


    • 1.5 tbsp Italian seasoning blend
    • 1 tbsp garlic powder

    Spinach Feta Savory Pancakes

    Low Carb Vegetarian Diabetic Meal Plan: Week of 2

    I love making mini pancakes. Theyre great for lunch with a side salad or cauliflower rice. Theyre also my favorite grab-and-go snack as theyre super portable. This recipe from Joy Filled Eats delivers tiny parcels of tangy cheese and nutritious spinach. Pop them in your handbag and youre set until supper.

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    People On Blood Pressure Medication

    If you take blood pressure medication and begin a low-carb diet, the diet may work too well! Moreover, this could indicate that you have low blood pressure. You might become too healthy for your current medication dosage. Low carb nutrition can lower blood pressure in a few days, but it can also take months or even a year to reach full effect.

    Suppose you experience symptoms of low blood pressure, such as weakness, fatigue, or dizziness. In that case, you should check your blood pressure right away. If your blood pressure is low, such as below 120/80, you should talk to your doctor about lowering or stopping your medication.

    What Is A Low Carb Vegan Meal Plan

    People on a vegan diet dont consume meat, dairy, poultry, or seafood. So, while following this diet plan, you can only include all the plant-based food sources in your daily meals.

    And yes, you have to cut down on your carb intake to a certain level. Moreover, dont forget to consider the following guidelines regarding the printable low carb vegan meal plan.

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    Low Carb Vegan Meal Plan Day 1

    Meal 1: 5.30am.

    Mood: Sluggish.

    Smoothie: big handful of kale, big handful of spinach, 1/2 small cucumber, 1/2 teaspoon of Spirilina, 1/2 green apple, 50 grams frozen mixed berries + a scoop of raw vegan brown rice protein powder. Mixed with water.

    Black coffee with almond milk and Natvia.

    Snack: 11am.

    Mood: Pumped. About to train.

    100 grams of roasted unsalted cashews + a scoop of vegan protein powder with water.

    Large long black.

    Meal 2: 3.00pm.

    Mood: Starving / over hungry.

    HUGE salad: Spinach, rocket, spring onion, red onion, red capsicum, tomato, asparagus, carrot, beetroot, basil + 1/4 of an avocado. Also cooked veg: a cup of broccoli, 1/2 a brown onion, 1/2 a zucchini, 100gm mushies with 1 heaped tablespoon of vegan basil pesto. Plus balsamic and a couple of good tablespoons of my zucchini hummus.

    Snack: 4.00pm.

    1 tablespoon of chia seeds + 100 ml almond milk + a scoop of vegan protein powder.

    Meal 3: 7.00pm.

    Mood: Slowly coming alive again!

    Vegan Curry with Zoodles: eggplant, onions, zucchini, cauliflower, carrot, capsicum coconut milk, curry spices, dried coriander, himalayan salt. Plus 1 tablespoon of hemp seeds, 1 tablespoon of pumpkin seeds, 1/2 teaspoon of Spirilina, 1 teaspoon of Dulse flakes.

    Served over 1/2 a zucchini spiralized.

    I also had 1/2 a bunch of kale made into crisps with a pinch of salt, a teaspoon of coconut oil and a heaped tablespoon of nutritional yeast.

    Snack: 8.30pm.

    Learnings: If its not at home you cant eat it!

    Also walk to and from work

    Food To Avoid During Slow Carb Diet

    High Protein (105g) Vegan Meal Plan To LOSE FAT

    Slow Carb Diet Food To Avoid During Slow Carb Diet

    Only a few things are recommended on the slow carb diet, which you can eat as much and as often as you like. The following are some of the foods that this diet advises you to avoid:

    White Carbs: No white carbs, such as bread , potatoes, maize, quinoa, pasta, cereal, tortillas, grains, or rice are allowed .

    Sugar: Sugar is not allowed in any fish, including halibut, salmon, and tilapia.

    Dairy products: On the SCD, all dairy products are prohibited. Milk, cream, cheese, and yogurt, for example.

    Fruits: As rule four states, fruits are not permitted on the slow carb diet.

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    What Is A Low

    You have to limit down your daily carbs intake while consuming all the plant-based food items.

    Moreover, keep track of your daily calorie intake to monitor your progress in the same regard further.

    As you have to minimize the carbs consumption, you may have to cut certain high carb food items like whole grains, fruits, starchy vegetables, and beans.

    Still, as most of these food options are healthy carbs, you must lower their consumption to a certain level.

    Make sure that you are not missing out on all the other vital macronutrients like proteins and healthy fats.

    Additionally, check out the general guidelines and rules mentioned below regarding the low carb vegetarian meal plan before getting started.

    Top Five Tips For A Low

    Over 62 130 grams 140 grams

    Its also important to spread your protein throughout the day instead of eating most of it in one sitting. Thats because your body uses protein best when you eat a minimum of 20 grams at a time, though you probably dont need more than 35 grams.12

    Is there a maximum amount of protein your body can absorb at one time? Although that amount isnt agreed upon by all nutrition experts, in order to meet your protein needs with plants, aim for about 25-35 grams at each meal.13

    Our list of low-carb vegan protein foods shows you how to get the right amounts of the right kinds of plant protein.

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    What Do We Mean By Low Carb

    Everyone will have a different definition of low carb. Since there is no clear consensus on how many carbs qualify as low carb, I will use two separate barometers:

    Low carb = 25% or less of daily macronutrient intake

    Extremely Low Carb = 10% or less of daily macronutrient intake

    That way, there are multiple options for those with differing needs.

    The Benefits Of A Low Carb Diet

    Low Carb Vegetarian Diabetic Meal Plan: Week of 2

    Santi Nuñez / Stocksy

    The good news is that a low-carb diet does not involve calorie-counting, a method which tends to make people feel deprived, says Shalek. On a low-carb diet, you can still fill up on protein and healthy fats, which can be very satisfying, Shalek explains, adding that you can still have carbs that are high in fiber with a lower glycemic indexlike oatmeal, beans, and whole-grain breadsince they have less of a significant impact on our glucose levels.

    Zies says, “A low-carb diet can be beneficial for helping to get blood sugar levels under control. When your blood sugar levels are more stable, your energy gets better, you sleep better and you feel better. It’s the foundational support for your body on so many levels, including healthy skin, hormones, and organ function. Fewer cravings and weight benefits come as a result of getting your blood sugar under control.”

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    The Best Vegan Protein Sources For The Ketogenic Diet

    Getting enough protein on the vegan diet to maintain health and muscle mass is hard enough without restricting carbs. When you combine the ketogenic diet and veganism, you take out many of the most potent plant-based sources of protein like legumes.

    Without the help of beans, lentils, and peas, where can you get your protein from on a vegan ketogenic diet?

    No need to worry, you have plenty of options:

    Latest Recipes

    More Recipes Like This