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Calculating The Carbohydrate Content

ð?Low Carb Diet For DOGS: 5 UNBEATABLE Health Benefits

In addition to evaluating a low carb pet food by the quality of the ingredients, you should also get a feel for the amount and type of carbohydrates used in the product.

Unfortunately, pinpointing the exact carbohydrate content of a dog food is difficult because pet food manufacturers are not legally required to disclose this information.

You can, however, use the information provided in the Guaranteed Analysis to make an estimate. To do so, youll need to remember that the crude protein and fat content plus the ash, moisture, and carbohydrate content will all add up to 100%.

To calculate the estimated carb content of the product, then, you simply subtract the values you are given from 100% and whatever is left over will be the estimated carb content.

Once you have that value, you can make a direct comparison of different products until you find the one that is right for your dog.

Blue Wilderness High Protein Dog Food

Protein Content – 32.00%

Blue Wilderness has not only been able to formulate one of the leading all natural dog foods. But they have started to formulate specific blends with select ingredients. For example, their leading high protein dog food is rich in protein with a robust 32%, mostly derived from deboned Salmon.

Specially formulated with no chicken by-product meal, corn soy, or wheat. The High protein dog food from Blue Wilderness is sure to help promote overall body health in adult dog breeds.

  • 24 lb. Bag

What Type Of Food Dogs Get Energy From

As we have mentioned in our earlier article, and as confirmed by the ASPCA, dogs can obtain energy from three sources: fat, carbohydrate and protein. Animal fat is the most concentrated form of food energy, more than twice that of protein and carbohydrate.

Fat can make your dog fat, but it is essential for the production of certain hormones, for the formation of cell structure and the absorption of some vitamins. Depriving a dog of animal fat will cause a nutritional deficiency and skin problems.

Protein iscritical to sustain not only a dogs muscles but also its organs and general health. Excess protein that has been absorbed from its diet can be metabolised as a source of energy.

Carbohydrate also provides energy, mostly used by a dogs organs, and thats about it. Carbs are present in grains, fruit, vegetables, nuts, milk and legumes.

Aside from fruit, a wild canine gets its carb from vegetable fiber, mostly fermented, i.e. from the stomachs of its vegetarian prey. Fermented fibres are more easily digestible than raw greens because they have already been partially broken down by the prey.

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Darwins Dog Food Is Naturally Lower In Carbohydrates

At Darwins Pet Products, our number one goal is to help keep your pets healthy and active for as long as possible. Our dog foods are naturally lower in carbohydrates and dont include grains or grain products. Youll find more high-quality carbs like peas, squash, carrots, and other vegetables in our meals, along with added nutrients to ensure a complete and balanced diet. Just read our label and youll see we typically provide a whopping 48 percent of protein, a fat level of about 32 percent, and estimated carbohydrate content of about 12 percent. Compare that to commercial brands carb content, which can range from 30 to 70 percent. And that is delicious-sounding news for your dog.

We provide a library of articles in the hope of providing consumers with useful information to help their pets. And, primarily, we produce affordable, high-quality raw dog and cat meals which we ship directly to consumers so they are as fresh and convenient as possible. Our meals are high in protein, gluten-free, wheat free, and are created to provide complete and balanced nutrition. We encourage you to learn more about our meals for dogs and meals for cats.

If you think you might want a trial of Darwins , we would love to send you our meals and hear how much your dog or cat loves them.

Stella & Chewys Stellas Super Beef Meal Mixers Freeze

Smart Dogs Eat Keto! Why Keto Dog Food? In humans, low carbohydrate ...

Top 5 Ingredients: 1. Beef, 2. Beef Liver, 3. Beef Heart, 4. Organic Cranberries, 5. Organic Carrots

Labeling this dog food as the best all-around low-carb option wouldnt be an overstatement. For comparison, it features a protein to carb ratio of about 4:1, and the entire formula only consists of 10% carbohydrates comprised of low GI ingredients like pumpkin seeds and cranberries.

Everything from the protein selection to the organic vegetables and fruits speaks of outstanding quality. Grass-fed beef is the only source of protein, and it also uses liver, kidney, and heart to boost the formulas nutritional value.

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What Dog Food Is High In Protein And Low In Fat

If you’re looking for dog foods that are high in protein but less in fat, a great food way to start is looking for fresh salmon. Other examples are lean meats, soy, eggs, low-fat dairy, and beans.

A high protein with low-fat diet is great for dogs that have a sensitive stomach, dogs suffering from pancreatitis, and overweight dogs.

Carb Content In The Dog Food

It doesnt hurt to be aware of the carbohydrate content of your chosen dog food. Unfortunately, this is usually not straightforward, as manufacturers are not obliged to include this information on the label. However, a fairly accurate estimate can be made based on the information provided in the Guaranteed Analysis.

If you subtract the values given in the guaranteed analysis from 100, you get the carbohydrate content of the product. If you want to buy low carb dog food, it is best to keep this value as low as possible.

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Is Carb Free Or Low Carb Dog Food Good For Dogs

In general, a low carb diet is healthy for dogs.

Dogs dont require any carbs in their diet, so the less carbs a dog food has, the better.

Usually, less carbs means more room for quality protein and other beneficial ingredients. However, this isnt always the case.

Not all low carb diets are equal, so make sure you look closely at the ingredients too.

A high quality low carb diet should also have animal protein sources as the first few ingredients and no by-products.

Also, check for superfood ingredients that improve aspects of your dogs health, such as skin, joints, heart, and digestion.

Special Diet Considerations For Diabetic Dogs

Homemade Dog Food Recipe for Large Dogs – Low Carb Dog Food at Home

Dogs suffering from diabetes are often placed on high-protein, low-carb dog foods. Any carbohydrates in the ingredients should be low glycemic which helps with their blood sugar levels. A diet that has carbs of 30% or more is too many carbs for a diabetic dog. Dogs that are both diabetic and obese may require a diet that is high in fiber to held reduce their weight, or your veterinarian may suggest adding in a fiber supplement. There is also some disagreement over the level of fat in a diabetic dog’s diet. High fat is definitely to be avoided but you may find varying opinions among veterinarians whether it should be moderate or low in fat. Some recommended choices for diabetic dogs are:

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Nom Nom Chicken Cuisine

First 5 Ingredients: Diced Chicken, Sweet Potatoes, Squash, Spinach, Water Sufficient for Processing

Rating: 5/5

Nom Nom is a dog food service that provides specific recipes based on whole, natural, and restaurant-grade ingredients. Its recipes are crafted by experts using a very limited ingredient list

The products have limited availability and are available for purchase only on the companys website. This makes sense being that everything is prepared in small batches to prevent spoilage, which is what made it so interesting to us.

We know that the brand always uses all-natural, mostly organic components, and it does everything in its power to retain as many nutrients in the food it produces before shipping it to its customers. So we went on the brands website and created a pet profile based on our pups lifestyle and other personal details.

The delivery was quick, even though the recipe is handmade . It was brought right to our doorstep, and we served some of the pre portioned meals right away to our pups. We were expecting that they would like the food, but they did more than that. Devoured is a mild word to describe it.

Were quite pleased with the formulation and its effects on our dogs. So, this Chicken Cuisine recipe only has seven main ingredients , which is a definite win. The first five are listed above and the remaining two are made of oils to supply the fat our furry friends need.



Group : Frozen Raw Foods

Primal Pet Foods — Canine Lamb Formula

Approximate Percentage of Total Calories From Non-Fibrous Carbohydrates : 12.5%

Overall Comments:

Per-serving carbohydrate content continues to drop with the first frozen product in our analysis. Now carbohydrate is only providing one out of every eight calories that your dog consumes. Pretty good, right? Now we’re getting somewhere.

Furthermore, as with Primal’s freeze-dried lamb product, we see low-GI kale as the primary non-animal ingredient in the mix. So that also earns a gold-star.

And, to top it off, the cost per serving is actually considerably lower than with their freeze-dried option .

The downside is that, as with all frozen dog food products, storage and preparation are going to be more cumbersome than with either kibble or freeze-dried products. But if you can live with the inconvenience that frozen dog food entails then this product beats Primal’s freeze-dried option hands-down, at least in terms of our limited analysis.

K9 Natural — Venison Feast

Approximate Percentage of Total Calories From Non-Fibrous Carbohydrates : 23.2%

Overall Comments:

K9 Natural is made in New Zealand and it’s a brand that generally isn’t as recognizable to American consumers as some of the leading American raw producers.

You can see that the total carbohydrate content is almost twice as high as Primal’s frozen offering but still relatively low compared to the stuff we see on the other end of the spectrum.

Overall Comments:

Overall Comments:

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Types Of Carbohydrates For Dogs

The most straightforward answer is that not all carbs are the same for dogs. They can be broken up into three types complex carbohydrates, simple carbohydrates, and sugar.

In terms of what a dog needs, they should have some kind of complex carbohydrate daily. Also, look out for excessive carbohydrate intake in general, leading to tooth decay and obesity.

In fact, too many high-carb sugars or anything with added sugars may be hazardous to a dogs health because it can cause diabetes or pancreatitis in some individuals and problems like bloating and gas in others.

As long as youre careful about how much you feed your pup , make sure they take supplements very regularly,

Best For Omega Content: Nulo Adult Dog Food

Healthy Homemade Dog Food

Product Rating

Some claim its hard on digestion


We found that Nulo delivers in perfect style if you need to give your diabetic dog some extra nutritional help. What do you get for your money, then?

We love that the formula contains all-natural ingredients, so your pups weight should stay in check, as well as his glucose levels. Grains frequently trigger allergies in dogs, so its important that there is no corn, wheat, soy, gluten, cheap fillers, or bulking agents.


Nulo is formulated to be high in lean protein and low in fat the optimum combo for diabetic dogs. Designed with the needs of adult breeds of all dogs in mind, youll be doing your part to keep your dog strong and healthy while living with diabetes.

We chose this brand because the protein comes from real salmon as the first ingredient. Our lucky test dog adored the flavor, and your dog will benefit from getting the fatty acids he needs for immune system support, a healthy coat, and comfortable skin.

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The Problem: Not All Low Carb Foods Are Made Equal

If youre interested in choosing a truly low carb option for your dog, youre going to have to do a bit of digging. Some pet food labels make it appear as though the food is low carb when really, it is not.

For instance, grain-free dog food does not mean carb-free dog food. Confusing, right?

Were here to help.

What Are The Best Low Carbohydrate Dog Foods

  • Contains antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals
  • Omega 6 and 3 fatty acids
  • Free of grains, corn, soy, wheat, meat by-products, or artificial ingredients

BLUE products are always very positive for me. The purpose of Wilderness was to imitate the diet of the ancestors of dogs. If you are looking for the best quality low carb dog food, be sure to consider BLUE Wilderness.

This dog food is grain-free and is high in protein thanks to its high-quality chicken. It perfectly meets the nutritional needs of dogs. The proportions of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats are perfectly balanced. This way, your dog is not at risk for obesity. This recipe is suitable for achieving and maintaining ideal body weight.

What I really like about Blue Buffalo products is LifeSource Bits. It is a special blend that contains antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. It was compiled with the help of veterinarians and animal nutritionists. This maximizes the health and immune system of the dogs.

Wilderness is one of Blue Buffalos best-known products, not by chance. It contains only natural ingredients, with real meat, fruits, and vegetables. Because of the balance of calories and carbohydrates, your dog gets all the nutrients he needs without the risk of obesity.

In addition to high-quality proteins, this product also contains useful ingredients such as L-carnitine and omega fatty acids. The former will help your dog achieve a healthy weight. The latter promote skin and coat health.

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What Is Low Carb Dog Food

The average commercial dog food, especially kibble, has between 30 to 70% carbohydrate content per serving. This is pretty high considering the fact that dogs need protein and fat more than carbohydrate to maintain their health .

Some dog food products bear the label low carb. These can be in the form of kibble or canned food. Not all are truly low in carbohydrates.

The best way to judge whether the labels do justice is to look at the percentage of ingredients or nutrient content. Even so, the average low carb dog food will contain up to 30% of carbs.

This 30% can be made from flour either from grains or potatoes. When dog food is in the form of kibble, plenty of binding agents such as flour are needed to bake the mash into firm pellets.

Technically, if a dogs meal consists of 30% carbohydrates, it is not considered low carb. The highest carb content for a puppys diet is 20% so how can 30% be low for an adult dog? Low would have to be far less than 20%.

Photo by Helena Lopes from Pexels

How We Chose The 5 Best Dog Foods For Diabetic Dogs

Be Smart Feed Low Carb to Dogs | Visionary Keto Pet Foods

To find the best foods, we first did extensive research into the most reputable brands of food that were specifically formulated with diabetic dogs in mind, like Merrick, which is known for using only the best whole foods and high-quality ingredients.

We even looked into prescription diets such as Royal Canin, which is highly regarded by vets and customizable to your dogs needs.

Real dog opinions are essential, so we searched for food brands with the best dog and owner reviews and researched the specifics for dozens of dog foods to see which ones showed the best results.

Finally, we tested the best ones and narrowed down the best dog foods to our top 5 picks. There were several other good options to choose from, so we included an honorable mentions section for foods that didnt rank at the top.

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How To Choose The Best Low Carb Dog Food

As with any other type of dog food, you need to be careful when buying low carb food. You must verify that the product you are testing complies with AAFCO guidelines. You can usually find this on the label in the form of a statement. This statement will reassure you that dog food will provide your dog with a complete and balanced diet.

Lets see what else is worth paying attention to.

Orijen Dry Dog Food Grain

You want to feed your dog the most nutritious diet, but youre not sure which brand is best.

ORIJEN believes that a biologically appropriate diet for dogs should be rich and diverse with whole animal ingredients.

ORIJEN has been feeding dogs since 2002, and they know what it takes to make great dry dog food. Their goal is simple provide high-quality foods that are biologically appropriate for your canine companion.

Fill her bowl and her belly with this protein-rich recipe! This kibble contains 85% quality animal ingredients, including fresh or raw free-run chicken, turkey, duck, or lamb meal. Plus, wild-caught fish meal, fresh fruits, and vegetables, eggs from pastured hens raised on organic farms without antibiotics or added hormones while never receiving any grains , soybeans or genetically modified organisms in their feed.

No grain means no glutens, so even those who have gluten allergies can safely eat this formula!

Key Features:

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American Journey Limited Ingredient Diet

This canned food receives a 5-star rating from users on Chewy.com. The Chicken & Sweet Potato Recipe is grain-free and has 9 percent protein, 6 percent fat, 1.5 percent fiber, and 78 percent moisture. The top five ingredients in this low carb wet dog food are chicken, chicken broth, chicken liver, sweet potatoes, and flaxseed. A case of 12 12.5-ounce cans is about $24.

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