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A Note On Energy Expenditure Estimates Based On Formulas

How many calories does 30 push ups burn?

Energy expenditure values based on mathematical formulas are only rough estimates intended to give you an idea of the energy costs of physical activity.

They may also give you an idea of the relative effectiveness of different physical activities for burning calories.

The only reliable way to estimate your energy expenditure is through measurement methods such as:

  • Direct and indirect calorimetry
  • The doubly labeled water technique
  • Heart rate monitoring

How To Calculate Calories Burned By Push

The formula below calculates energy expenditure per unit of time while performing physical activity.

Calories burned per minute = Standard MET x 3.5 ml/kg/min x /200

The formula incorporates only body weight, duration, and intensity of physical activity. It ignores other relevant factors, such as age and sex.

Since the calculated calorie expenditure estimates are not individualized, they are only rough estimates of actual values. The estimates are best used to compare the energy costs of different activities and how body weight and exercise intensity affect calories burned.

The most accurate estimates of energy expenditure can be obtained through direct/indirect calorimetry and the doubly labeled water method.

You may learn more about the limitations of calculating energy expenditure using Standard MET values here.

Example 1:Calculate calories burned by a 30-year-old, 5ft 10 inches tall, 75kg male performing push-ups vigorously for 2 minutes.


  • Calories burned per minute = Standard MET x 3.5 ml/kg/min x /200
  • Standard MET of vigorous push-ups = 8.0
  • Thus, calories burned = 8.0 x 3.5 x 75/200 = 2100/200 = 10.5 calories per minute
  • Calories burned in 2 minutes = 2 x 10.5 = 21 calories

Example 2:

Calculate calories burned by a 30-year-old, 5ft 10 inches tall , 75kg male performing push-ups with moderate effort for 2 minutes.


We may also calculate energy expenditure by performing push-ups with a light intensity of effort for 2 minutes:

Example 3:

Why Should I Pay Attention To The Number Of Calories Pushups Burn

If your goal is to burn calories with pushups to lose weight, you should estimate how many calories pushups burn to avoid disappointment. The hard truth is that pushups are primarily considered a core-strength-building exercise, not a fat-burning exercise. If burning calories is your primary goal, check the best exercise for weight loss here.

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How Many Calories Can You Burn Doing Push

You can make the calculation as complicated as you want to. But the more complicated you make it, the less accurate your answer will be.

In general, each push-up burns between one-third and one-half of a calorie. On average, thats between seven and 10 calories per minute or 420 to 600 per hour. The harder you go, the more calories you’ll burn.

Lighter people encounter less resistance and burn calories at a lower rate. Heavier people have to work harder to lift their body off the ground, so they burn more calories.

Variations serve to increase or decrease the efficiency of your efforts. Diamond-style push-ups are less efficient, as far as energy expenditure versus movement goes, so you have to burn more calories to lift yourself compared to standard pushups. Other variations serve to work different muscles for isolation workouts.

There are a few other less important factors, like age, gender and height. These are small minor variables, and they make little difference. All other things being the same, men burn more calories than women. Younger people have a more efficient metabolism, so they burn more than older folks. Height affects leverage, and therefore the amount of energy needed to lift body weight.

Should You Rely On Pushups To Lose Weight

50 pushups in 2020

While pushups are a good way to keep fit, they are not recommended for losing weight. Pushups are a great way for muscle and strength building. With calories burned, pushups help you to develop lean muscles and keep an overall well-toned body, which is better able to burn calories throughout the day. While this may help you maintain a healthy weight, it is not a direct result of the pushups.

To burn more calories, engage in rhythmic cardio activities that involve your bodys main muscle groups for extended amounts of time. For instance, a 180 pound individual burns 178 calories by walking at 3 miles per hour for 30 minutes. If the same person jogs at 6 MPH for 30 minutes, the result is 410 calories burnt. The same individual burns 356 calories in 30 minutes by riding a bike at 12 miles per hour. Professionals recommend that you put in no less than 250 minutes of cardio per week.

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Different Kinds Of Push Ups

  • Traditional this is the one you grew up doing in P.E. class. About shoulder width apart or a little wider.
  • Wide Grip line up with your shoulders then go wider. This hits your chest and shoulders much more.
  • Diamond is a closer grip push up. Make a diamond with your palms down this is harder to perform. You want to keep your elbows in as much as possible.
  • Staggered you start in a traditional position. Then you just move one hand up and one hand you keep lower. Do a set then switch them up.
  • Clap or Plyo this is more of an explosive push up there are variables. Start off in your traditional then you need to explode up so your hands come off the ground while you clap your hands quickly then catch yourself as you come back down.
  • Incline/Decline you can also do most all of these push ups in a decline and incline. You can use a workout bench or chair. Either put your hands on the bench to create an incline or your feet on the bench to create a decline. Perform normal push ups you will hit more of the upper chest on decline and lower chest on incline. A little confusing because it is the complete opposite of chest press incline and decline.

How Many Calories Burned Per Push

Knocking out 100 push-ups a day is great for muscle benefits, however, not so great in consuming calories. The calories consumed per rep depends largely on your weight and intensity while pushing up.

For example, a 190-pounds man, Mike, completes 100 push-ups in 5 minutes at a moderate pace, 20 repetitions per set, he has burned 28 calories. Going faster, if he manages to accomplish 100 push-ups in 3 minutes, roughly 33 repetitions for every set, the difference is insignificant. He consumes 17 calories.

On the basis above, Mike would burn around 14 calories in 50 push-ups, and 5.6 calories in 20 push-ups. This results in around 0.28 calories per push-up.

Another example, in this case, a heavier weight, a 250 pounds man. At a moderate pace, doing 100 push-ups in 5 minutes can burn as much as 37 calories ,50 push-ups 19 calories and 20 push-ups 7.5 calories burned.

The larger you are the more calories you consume. For a man with lesser weight, lets say 130 pounds, the calories burned are less. Doing 100 push-ups in 5 minutes, hell burn 19 calories. 50 push-ups, he burns 10 calories and 20 push-ups he burns around 2 calories. This means for a push-up, you burn 0.19 calories, ridiculous!

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How Many Calories Do 20 Push

Twenty push-ups burn between 20 and 40 calories.

The number of calories you burn from doing 20 push-ups depends on several factors, such as your weight, muscle mass, and the intensity of your push-ups.

Generally speaking, a light workout, like 20 push-ups, will burn fewer calories than a more strenuous activity like running.

However, push-ups are still an excellent way to tone your muscles and improve your fitness level.

What Are The Best Push Ups For Weight Loss

How Many Calories Do Push-ups Burn #Shorts

It was mentioned before that push up isnt a be-all and end-all calorie-burning exercise. All the variations burn approximately the same amount of calories. Its not to say that you shouldnt use push ups and their variations to strengthen your muscles, tone your body and support your joints. If you aim to lose weight, you can add this exercise to your regular routine that should include both cardio and strength exercises. Couple working out with a healthy diet and caloric deficit, and your success is guaranteed.

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Burning Calories While You Sleep

While you sleep, you will be burning calories to help your body to sustain itself. This is because your body requires energy to breathe, regulate temperature, grow, and repair itself. This energy is known as the basal metabolic rate and accounts for 80% of your daily energy requirements. However, the amount of calories you burn during your sleep depends on many factors.

The duration and intensity of sleep play a major role in determining how many calories you will burn during the day. The amount of energy your body needs to maintain vital bodily functions during sleep depends on your age, gender, and height. By knowing your basal metabolic rate , you can calculate how many calories you will burn while sleeping.

Calories Do 50 Good Form Push

how many calories do 50 good form push-ups burn very little? You can do 50 push-ups in one minute. Your heart rate will go up to 150 to 160 maybe, so moderate cardio levels when running with 160 hours. Youre burning maybe 900 kilocalories per hour so do the math 960 equals 15 kcal. Even if, Im wrong by 100%, this will be 30 kilocalories Heidi youre doing push ups very slow. Hence the time under pressure is longer. Why so little keep in mind that one youre using relatively small muscle group.

Second, you are moving your body at a very short distance of 50 cm3. You are pushing maybe 60% of your body weight compared it to running where each The step is 1 meter. You need to push the entire weight of your body up and stabilize when it falls. It is working mainly on the legs of the larger muscles.

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How To Calculate Corrected Met Values

Standard MET values dont correct for age, sex, weight, and height. You may account for these individual differences by calculating the Corrected MET value of physical activity as shown below:

Example 4:

Calculate the Corrected MET value for a 30-year-old, 5ft 10 inches tall , 75kg male performing push-ups with vigorous effort for 2 minutes.

Corrected MET value = Standard MET value x 3.5/RMR predicted by Harris-Benedict equation

Step 1: Calculate RMR using the Harris-Benedict Equation

The Harris-Benedict Equation for men is:

RMR = 66.5 + +

RMR = 66.5 + +

RMR = 66.5 + +

RMR = 1785.38 kcal/day

Step 2: Convert 1785.38 kcal/day to kcal/min equivalent : 1785.38/1440 = 1.240 kcal/min

Step 3: Convert kcal/min to L/min: 1.240/5 = 0.2480 L/min

Step 4: Convert L/min to ml/kg/min: 0.2480/75 x 1000 = 3.3063 ml/kg/min

The predicted resting oxygen consumption after correcting for age, weight, height, and gender is 3.31 ml/kg/min.

Step 5: The Corrected MET value of vigorous push-ups = 8.0 x 3.5/3.31 = 8.46 METs

Your Weight And Height

How Many Calories Does 20 Push Ups Burn

The more you weigh, the more calories you can burn in any given exercise. This is because your body weight makes your body work harder at what its doing. This is why professional athletes often consume a calorie-rich diet. For example, Michael Phelps, the professional swimmer, famously ate 12,000 calories per day while training for the Beijing Olympics while swimming around 50 miles per week. He weighed in at around 90kg, at 6ft 4 inches.

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What Muscles Do Push Ups Work

Many people think that push ups mainly target the upper body. Yes, chest and shoulder muscle groups, the muscles of upper and middle back, biceps and triceps all these muscles are engaged when you perform push ups. However, because you keep your body in a plank position, you also engage some your abs, buttocks, leg and lower back muscles and more. As you can see, push ups can be classified as a full body workout .

How Do We Burn Calories

When we move, the calories we have ingested throughout the day are burned. This doesnt mean they catch fire and burn away it means that our bodies consume the calories for energy. In order to maintain our weight, we must burn the calories we are putting into our bodies at an approximately equal ratio. When you burn off fewer calories than you consume, you gain weight.

To lose weight, we must burn calories at a higher rate than ingesting them.

Burning calories is not the only way to lose weight in fact, some say that limiting food intake not exercise is the primary way to lose weight. However, understanding how many calories our exercises burn allows us to know our calorie intake/burning ratio and how this affects our weight.

The type of exercise you perform can also burn more or fewer calories. Running would burn more than walking, and an hour of boxing would burn even more. Choosing the proper exercise is vital to obtain your desired outcome.

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How Fast And How Many Pushups Does It Take To Lose A Pound

You can burn as many calories through push-ups. Although burning 3500 calories through push-ups might not be your best bet, it is still possible.

Like I previously stated, the two most important factors in calculating how much calories are consumed are body weight and intensity. Thus, theres no standard amount of calories burned per rep. However, your weight and intensity of push-up determines how much you burn.

Lets take Mike for example, how fast can he burn a thousand calories? Since he weighs 190 pounds, 90 minutes of moderate-intense push-ups will burn 515 calories. 90 minutes of push-ups! Almost impossible. Mike could also consume 257 calories in 45 minutes which is more realistic.

If Mike consistently pushed-up at a moderate pace for 45 minutes every day, in a week, he would do consume about 1800 calories, slightly half a pound. To burn 3500 calories and lose 1 pound, he should do 900 push ups in 45 minutes per day for two weeks! Therefore, in order to lose 1 pound, about 12600 push ups are required.

It is quite clear that push up is not an effective weight loss exercise.

Compared to other strength training exercises or aerobics, the amount of calories burned from as many push-ups is disappointing and discouraging, considering how strenuous it is. In general, strength training exercises do not typically burn as many calories as cardiovascular exercises.

Average Calories Burned Performing 100 Push

how many push ups to burn 1000 calories

The average calories burned doing 100 push ups has a lot of variables depending on the size of the person and how fast or slow they are doing these push ups. But if you took 2 minutes to perform these 100 push ups you would burn around 14 calories.

This isn’t much but if you do those 100 push ups every other day for a year that is over 2,500 calories or a pound of fat lost. Add in the lean muscle gained from these push ups and it could be even more.

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How To Calculate Calories Burned: What Are Standard Mets

The resting oxygen consumption rate of 3.5ml/kg/min is equivalent to 1 MET. Thus, an activity with a value of 5 METs burns calories at 5 times the resting rate.

The Standard MET value of an activity is the ratio of oxygen consumption rate while performing the activity and a reference value set by convention as the resting oxygen consumption.

The value of 3.5ml/kg/min is the resting oxygen consumption set by convention. It was based on the RMR of a 40-year-old male weighing 70kg .

Thus, an activity with an oxygen consumption rate measured as 30 ml/kg/min will have a Standard MET value calculated as shown below:

ml/kg/min = 8.57 METs.

Experts use MET values to measure the relative intensity of various exercises or physical activities. The more intensive a physical activity, the higher its MET value.

The Compendium of Physical Activities classifies physical activities as light, moderate, or vigorous based on MET values .

Compendium Code

You may have noticed that Standard MET values calculated using the 3.5ml/kg/min reference value do not adjust for individual differences in age, sex, height, and weight.

Standard MET values underestimate the intensity of physical activity for subjects whose Resting Metabolic Rates are lower than 3.5ml/kg/min and overestimate those whose RMRs are higher.

How To Do Push Ups Properly

There are many types of this exercise, but you need to know how to perform at least a standard variation. Get in a high plank position, so that you balance on your toes and hands. Make sure to place your hands a little bit wider than your shoulders. It is critical that your body forms a straight line. Avoid arching or sagging your back. Now, you should tighten your core muscles, your body shouldnt be relaxed. By engaging your abs youll avoid sagging. Inhale and slowly lower your body, while bending your elbows. Stop when your elbows are at a 90-degree angle. Exhale and slowly get back to the starting position. It is important that your elbows are slightly bent dont lock them down. Thats one rep of a standard push up .

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