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12 Impressive Health Benefits of Cantaloupe

It’s important to wash the cantaloupe before cutting into it. Use tap water and a vegetable brush. It is not recommended to wash melons with soap. The skin is porous, and soap can enter the flesh of the fruit.

Cantaloupes are grown close to the ground and can contact bacteria from the soil, water, and animals. This is a food safety concern. Not only can environmental factors play a role in contamination, but human contamination can also occur during or after harvest. Washing the exterior of the melon helps to remove any bacteria.

Wash the knife after cutting cantaloupe and before using it on other foods, as bacteria can spread through cross-contamination. After washing, blot the melon with a clean paper towel to remove excess water. Then cut off the stem end, where most bacteria tend to collect, and throw it away.

Once cut, store melon in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to five days. If possible, store it in the crisper. Keep in mind that the riper the melon, the less shelf life it has left before it will spoil. Leaving cut melon at room temperature or in the heat can rapidly grow harmful bacteria on the flesh.

If you’d like to keep melon for longer, you can cut ripe melon and store it in the freezer in a freezer bag or airtight container.

The Best Fruits To Eat While Dieting

While fruits are a valuable, healthful part of any diet, some are lower in fiber and other nutrients and denser in natural sugars and calories than others, making them less diet-friendly. Loading up on higher-calorie fruits, such as bananas, sweet grapes, pineapples and dried fruit, may slow weight loss. Avoid juices, which are high in sugar and calories and typically devoid of fiber. Fortunately, many of the most diet-friendly fruits are also the most nutritious.

Other Nutritional Benefits Of Cantaloupe

What else about cantaloupe melons makes this summer fruit so healthy?

Eating a cup of diced or sliced cantaloupe gives you all of your recommended daily intake of vitamins A and C. One serving of cantaloupe contains 5,412 IU of vitamin A and 58.7 of vitamin C .

Muskmelon also contains trace amounts of vitamin K and B-group vitamins.

Some of the nutritional value of cantaloupe comes from its mineral content. Cantaloupe is a good which is essential for good heart health. A 160-gram serving of cantaloupe contains 427 mg of potassium . The same amount of melon also has some calcium, iron, magnesium, copper, and phosphorous.

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How To Select And Store Cantaloupe

The key to enjoying all the wonderful benefits of cantaloupe or muskmelons is to pick a ripe, sweet melon.

You should avoid buying any type of melon that shows signs of decay, damage, or brown patches on the skin. A ripe cantaloupe should have a tan, yellow, or cream-colored skin with a webbed pattern.

You may have noticed people selecting melons by tapping on the skin. You can check that a muskmelon or cantaloupe is ripe and juicy by knocking on the fruit and listening for a low, solid sound. If the sound is high and hollow, it is a good indication the melon isnt ripe. A ripe cantaloupe should also have a fragrant, sweet smell.

The FDA recommends storing ripe cantaloupe or sliced cantaloupe in the refrigerator. This will help to keep the melon fresh and prevent it from becoming bad.

Researchers from the University of California say that you should scrub the skin of cantaloupe fruits before cutting them. It has been found that Salmonella, E. coli, or Listeria germs can contaminate melon skins. It is also to important wash your hands to prevent infecting the melon flesh with bacteria.

When you have found a ripe cantaloupe, you can cut it into wedges, or you can cut it into cubes or slices and enjoy the many benefits of cantaloupe as a tasty and healthy summery dessert.

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Cantaloupe Is Good For You Due To Lots Of Antioxidants

Smiths Food and Drug

Muskmelons such as cantaloupe and orange-fleshed honeydew melons are rich in antioxidants.

One of the important antioxidants in cantaloupe is beta-carotene. This converts into vitamin A in the body. Studies have shown that the amount of beta-carotene available in orange-fleshed melons is similar to that of carrots.

Research has also revealed that the best time to buy cantaloupe for their health benefits is when they are ripe and plentiful. This is the time when levels of ascorbic acid and B-group vitamins are at their highest.

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Other User Submitted Calorie Info Matching: Fresh Cantaloupe

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May Help Reduce Cancer Risk

Cantaloupe’s high antioxidant activity helps scavenge free radicals before they cause damage. Extract from cantaloupe’s peel and seeds has been shown to prevent the growth of tumor cells of the kidney, colorectal area, and cervical area.

The antioxidant properties of the melon and peel inhibited the spread of the tumors by 20% to 85%. However, this study is preliminary and not conclusive. More research is needed, but it is promising for future efforts.

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Cantaloupe Is An Anti

One of the benefits of fruits such as cantaloupe and melons is that they can help reduce inflammation in the body.

Avoiding foods that cause inflammation can help protect you against various chronic diseases. Studies have shown that many fresh fruits and vegetables contain phytochemicals that lower inflammatory responses. Anti-inflammatory properties in various fresh fruits can help protect against heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

One study showed that extracts from cantaloupe melons have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

However, it seems that eating cantaloupe specifically to reduce inflammation is only useful as part of an anti-inflammatory diet. Some studies have shown that you would need to eat many, many melons to get its anti-inflammatory benefits.

Ways To Prepare Cantaloupe

7 Shocking Health Benefits of Cantaloupe Fruit

You can purchase whole cantaloupes at most major grocery stores. Melons are often picked before theyâre fully ripe to ensure they donât go bad before they get to the produce section. If a cantaloupe feels heavier than you expect and has a deep, dull sound when you tap on it, itâs most likely ready to eat. You should also check the color of the rind. Ripe cantaloupes are cream-colored or yellow with no signs of green or gray.

If the cantaloupe is ripe, you should store it in the refrigerator. Unripened fruit can be left at room temperature. Only wash the melon when youâre ready to cut it, as moisture on the skin can lead to mold growth. Once cut, cantaloupes should be kept refrigerated.

One of the most popular ways to eat cantaloupe is raw, either on its own or mixed with other fruits as a part of a fruit salad. These arenât the only ways to prepare cantaloupe, though. Other ways to enjoy it include:

  • Making juice and mixing it with sparkling water.
  • Blending with other fruits to make a smoothie.
  • Pureeing the fruit, adding lime juice, and freezing in molds to make popsicles.
  • Skewering with grapes and cheese to make kebabs.
  • Blending with ripe peaches and a touch of honey for a chilled soup.

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Is Hami Melon Good For You

Hami melon is a whole-food fruit from the muskmelon family that’s a rich source of potassium, manganese, folate and many micronutrients and antioxidants like lutein and beta-carotene. Eating melon helps provide some of the essential B-complex vitamins like pantothenic acid and niacin.

One cup of this melon, which is about 177 grams or a little more than 6 ounces, provides more than 100% of the daily recommended amount of Vitamins C and A.

All melons are good for you in moderate amounts and a better choice for a dessert or sweet food than anything processed with added sugar. The Hami melon contains no fat or cholesterol and only a tiny amount of sodium, just 28mg, per one-cup serving.

Cantaloupe Is Good For Your Skin And Hair

The rich nutritional content in cantaloupe along with its high water content help keep your skin and hair healthy.

Your skin is the largest organ in your body and it needs plenty of nourishment from the right vitamins and minerals. Also, stress, illnesses, or lifestyle factors can cause nutrient deficiencies that affect your skin health.

One report found that vitamin A encourages healthy skin cell production and keeps your skin firm and healthy. Vitamin C helps collagen synthesis which keeps your skin elastic and helps prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

Antioxidants that are found in fruits such as cantaloupe help to protect the skin from the damage free radicals can do. Also, folic acid can help improve the symptoms of eczema and psoriasis.

Studies have shown that the same vitamins needed for healthy skin also benefit your hair. For example, vitamin A helps activate hair follicles and, along with vitamin C, helps increase the number of antioxidants in your scalp.

The fact that cantaloupe contains about 90% water means that it is a good fruit for hydration. Some studies show that drinking more water can help improve skin health, especially if a person doesnt get enough fluids.

Find out what other proven nutrients you need for better skin and hair.

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Cantaloupe Risks And Precautions

There are many health benefits to consuming more cantaloupe when they are ripe and in season.

However, some people may show signs of an allergic reaction when consuming pieces of cantaloupe. Researchers from the Cleveland Clinic say that cantaloupe can make your throat itchy and tingly. In some cases, your tongue may even start to swell. The researchers recommend to avoid the consumption of cantaloupe in the late summer if you have a pollen allergy.

One of the risks of consuming cantaloupe and other types of melon is bacteria that can contaminate the skin. To avoid any health risk from consuming cantaloupe, the US Food and Drug Administration recommends selecting cantaloupe or muskmelons that dont have any blemishes on the skin. You should also thoroughly wash and scrub the melon skin to remove any contaminants.

Cantaloupe Or Muskmelon Is Great For Hydration

How To Choose, Store &  Eat Nutrient

Because cantaloupe is 90% water, eating wedges of muskmelon during the summer is a great way to stay hydrated.

Eating muskmelon is also a good way to prevent dehydration as it contains important electrolytes. For example, a 3 medium cantaloupe wedges contain 550 mg of potassium , 33 mg sodium, 18.6 mg calcium , and 25 mg magnesium .

Electrolyte replacement through proper hydration is important if you lose fluids through sweating.

Learn more about the dangers of dehydration and why drinking coconut water is also a great way to replace lost fluids.

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Now You Know All About Cantaloupe Nutrition

Cantaloupe nutrition is one of the healthiest in the muskmelon family. Its a dream for those who want something sweet without worrying about it affecting their health negatively. Its a superfood high in necessary vitamins and minerals to help keep your body running at its full potential. Next, learn how to grow cantaloupes in your home garden keep reading to learn all about cantaloupes!

Cantaloupe Strengthens Your Immune System

Muskmelons contain many of the vitamins that you need to keep your immune system healthy and strong.

Eating 2 large wedges of cantaloupe gives you more than enough vitamin C and vitamin A that you require every day.

Researchers have found that the immune-boosting effect of vitamin C can protect against a number of chronic diseases. Vitamin C helps improve cardiovascular health, reduce the effects of oxidative DNA damage, and protect against cancer.

Information published in the journal Nature Reviews Immunology found that vitamin A is important to regulate the immune response. Getting enough vitamin A and vitamin D helps the body produce enough white bloods cells to kill off infections and viruses. This also helps reduce inflammation and protects against autoimmune conditions.

Apart from eating melons to strengthen your immunity, you can find out the best supplements to take to ward off infection.

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More Cantaloupe Weight & Servings Faqs

How much of a cantaloupe melon is water?

For every 100g of cantaloupe melon, 90.2g is water, which accounts for their juiciness and makes them an excellent summertime snack.

How many calories are in half a cantaloupe melon?

The average weight of half a small cantaloupe melon is 220g and contains 75kcal, half a medium cantaloupe weighs around 276g and has 94kcal, and half a large cantaloupe weighs about 407g and contains 138kcal.

Cantaloupe Serving Per Person

Cantaloupe Juice Recipe

The suggested serving size of cantaloupe melon is one cup of chopped melon, weighing around 160g .

A serving of this size equals around 1.5 wedges from a large melon , two slices from a medium melon, or three slices from a small melon .

A serving of cantaloupe, which weighs 160g , contains 54 calories .

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Ways To Use Cantaloupe

Cantaloupes are delicious on their own or in fruit salad, but there are other surprising ways to use them. Here are a few examples:

  • Cantaloupe smoothie. This nutritious drink is made from cantaloupe, Greek yogurt, and natural sweetener. It makes a great breakfast or snack. View the recipe.
  • Cantaloupe salad. Combining cantaloupe with basil, mozzarella, onions, red wine vinegar, and olives gives it a savory kick. View the recipe.
  • Cantaloupe sorbet. You only need four ingredients to make this frosty treat: cantaloupe, lemon, honey, and water. View the recipe.
  • Roasted cantaloupe. Most people wouldnt dream of roasting cantaloupe, but it brings out the melons natural sweetness. View the recipe.

Eating Muskmelons Is Good For Heart Health

Because cantaloupe melons are rich in vitamin C and potassium, eating a few slices of muskmelon daily is good for your heart.

Various studies point to the fact that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables can have a positive effect on your heart. People who enjoy plenty of fresh fruits such as cantaloupe, oranges, grapefruit, and apples have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease. Consuming plenty of green leafy vegetables is also important for your heart health.

If you want a tasty sweet treat that is good for your heart, you can add cantaloupe to the cardiac diet.

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Melons Cantaloupe Raw Nutrition Facts & Calories

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NUTRITIONAL TARGET MAP The Nutritional Target Map allows you to see at a glance how foods line up with your nutritional and weight-management goals. The closer a food is to the right edge of the map, the more essential nutrients per calorie it contains. For a more nutritious diet, select foods that fall on the right half of the map.The closer a food is to the top edge of the map, the more likely it is to fill you up with fewer calories. If you want to restrict your caloric intake without feeling hungry, choose foods from the top half of the map.Foods that are close to the bottom edge are more calorie-dense. If you want to increase your calorie intake without getting too full, choose foods from the bottom half of the map.

Nutritional Target Map for Melons, cantaloupe, raw

Optimum health:
Weight gain:

Caloric Ratio Pyramid for Melons, cantaloupe, raw


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Fun Facts About Cantaloupe

benefits of cantaloupe
  • Cantaloupes history is a mystery, and no one knows where it started. Some historians say that it can be traced to ancient Egypt and Rome, and others believe it came from Persia. The first known drawing of the cantaloupe dates back to 2400 B.C in Egypt.
  • The name cantaloupe comes from the name Cantalupo, the Italian city it was initially cultivated in during the 1700s.
  • The average cantaloupe is only about 100 calories.
  • Cantaloupe is the most popular melon in the United States.
  • The cantaloupe was first brought over to America by Christopher Columbus in 1492.

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Cantaloupe Nutrition Facts And Health Benefits

If you’ve been wondering whether cantaloupes are too sweet to be good for you, you’ll be happy to learn that these melons provide several health benefits.

Cantaloupe is high in several nutrients and also contains a large volume of water . Eating cantaloupe is a good way to aid in hydration and fulfill your fluid requirements while also boosting your intake of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

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